About BookDoors

BookDoors offers an e-library of some 100 distinguished works of literature from 18th- and 19th-century Britain and America.

The heart of the library is BookDoors’ In Context series—the most thoroughly annotated editions of those titles in print or online. The notes provide today’s reader with the knowledge of the language, history, and culture that naturally accompanied an informed reader of that author's time. Supplementing this material is a close textual reading and interpretive commentary of each novel as it unfolds (the plot beyond that point is never divulged). The versatile search engine enables you to explore the text and the annotations themselves in several ways and by types of content. You look at all of, say, the Historical annotations. Or you may pursue the annotations by categories. There are twenty categories, divided by subject, such as Amusements, Daily Life, the Body, Custom & Law, Gender, Love & Marriage, the Mind, Money, and Reading & Writing. In addition an extensive chronology sets the author's life within her or his era, and a select bibliography suggests further research.