Two playhouses are open,-the Opera-house,-Ranelagh,-and the Pantheon

Category: Places | Type: Glossary Word | Title: Evelina (in Context) | Author: Fanny Burney | Vol: Volume I | Ch: Letter VIII

Evelina's catalog shows that she has indeed mastered the public amusements London would offer.  One playhouse would be Drury Lane which Evelina attends with Mrs. Mirvan and Maria immediately upon their arrival in London, the other Covent Garden.  Ranelagh and the Pantheon offered promenades and pleasurable gatherings like assemblies, masquerades, and concerts.  Ranelagh in Chelsea included gardens with landscaped walks, a canal, and the rotunda for events.  The Pantheon was a large assembly room on Oxford Street and being indoors offered a winter facility for concerts and masquerades. 

 Ranelagh had opened in 1742, the Pantheon in 1772 and was still rather a novelty during the period Burney was writing Evelina. The Haymarket Opera-House dated from 1705 and was the venue for Italian operas.  Its run like the playhouses was September through mid-June. 


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