The closet whispered, the fireplace sighed, the little washing-stand ticked, and one guitar-string played occasionally in the chest of drawers.

Type: Discussion | Title: Great Expectations (in Context) | Author: Charles Dickens | Ch: Chapter XLV

The account could have inspired Gilbert and Sullivan's Nightmare Song from Iolanthe (1882), a bit of the patter being:

You're a regular wreck 
With a crick in your neck, 
And no wonder you snore 
for your head's on the floor 
And you've needles and pins 
From your soles to your shins, 
And your flesh is acreep 
For your left leg's asleep, 
And you've cramp in your toes 
And a fly on your nose, 
And some fluff in your lung 
And a feverish tongue, 
And a thirst that's intense 
And a general sense

That you haven't been sleeping in clover....

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