Blunderstone, in Suffolk,

Category: Places | Type: Historical | Title: David Copperfield (in Context) | Author: Charles Dickens | Ch: I Am Born

Dickens has changed the name from Blundeston, a village near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, a North Sea port at the mouth of the River Yare. 

Suffolk borders on Norfolk to the north, Cambridgeshire to the west, and Essex to the south, and the North Sea. The land is flat with large wetlands. Dickens was drawn to it as a setting, because it resembled "the marsh country" of Chatham, where he spent most of the first seven and happy years of his life. Among Suffolk's towns are Lowestoft, mentioned shortly, and Bury St. Edmunds, which is the site of a monastery that figures significantly in Thomas Carlyle's Past and Present (1845). Carlyle was a friend of Dickens.


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