but giving no other sign of life. Miss Dartle suddenly kneeled down before it, and began to loosen the dress.

Category: Mind | Type: Discussion | Title: David Copperfield (in Context) | Author: Charles Dickens | Ch: The New Wound, and the Old

After David, Rosa is the novel's most complex figure. Love and hate in her are more or less equally balanced, leaving her static. She kneels in pity before Mrs. Steerforth in order to cajole her back into a semblance of trust only to torment and revile her again. She is genuinely, spasmodically contrite but, steeped in bitterness, resentment accumulates and explodes in ferocious rage. Mrs. Steerforth doesn't banish her and Rosa doesn't abandon Mrs. Steerforth. Each sees in the other an image of herself.

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